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10 tips for a successful PMS roll-out

System Implementations by Octopus RevenueTechnology is a huge investment for any business, so before you commit, here are our top 10 tips to guide you through a property management system change:

1.       First and foremost, the vendor selection process is crucial.  Take into consideration all the necessary functionality requirements needed in order to install a system that is fit for its purpose for your specific hotel.  Do your homework and gather as much information as you need to shortlist your choices. 

2.       Ask yourself if you need a cloud based PMS.  In this day and age, accessibility to any system at any point in time, from any device is a basic requisite.

3.       Make sure that the PMS you choose can integrate with existing systems and has the capabilities to integrate with any future systems planned.

4.       Plan your resources carefully to ensure that you have the right support at the right time.  Lack of planning in this area can be the downfall of any project.

5.       Factor in time to train the team.  The front office and reservations team are in the firing line and it is essential that they gain the knowledge required to operate any new system from the off-set.

6.       The cut over process from the old system to the new should be seamless and to no disruption to the guest.  Make sure that you have your best people scheduled during this period.

7.       Revisit your day to day procedures and processes and update accordingly.  Some processes may change in line with a new system.

8.       Make sure that you are fully aware of all associated costs – no-one likes any un-expected bills or being told ‘that is not included in your agreement’

9.       Check your service agreement from the PMS provider.  You need to be confident that any support issues can be handled in a timely manner.  After sales service is just as, if not more important than pre-sales.

10.   Lastly, if you’re not sure then seek help from a specialist.  Whilst you are busy looking after your guests, let someone take the pressure away by working on your behalf, as part of your team, ensuring all deadlines are met with minimum disruption to your operation.

Octopus Revenue can provide full support with system implementations and system upgrades, we will guide you through all options available to suit your particular business requirements and work as part of your team to project manage the entire implementation process, from selection of vendor through to completion.

For further details and to discuss your requirements, please contact us today.

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