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Outsourced Revenue Management 

If your hotel doesn't need a full-time RM, then outsourcing is a highly cost-effective way to ensure that your revenue management responsibilities are covered.

Revenue Management Solutions

Whatever your circumstance, we can offer a tailor made revenue management service to suit your needs and your budget. Contact us today for an introductory chat.

Revenue Management Training Courses

We run open courses in key locations, or we can run any aspect of our training directly at your property with your team. Contact us and book now

Revenue Management & Distribution Audit

If your hotel is in need of a check-up, then why not use our revenue management audit service and unlock profit opportunities for your hotel

Hotel Revenue Management & Training Courses

The primary aim of hotel revenue management is to sell the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price. The ethos of this discipline is to understand what the customer perceives as value for money and from this, to price your products accordingly, oh and not forgetting by market segment – sounds easy right?

Hotels face tough decisions today in what could either make or break their business, in an extremely competitive market.  Not all hotels have full-time revenue management expertise in house to support these difficult decisions - that’s where we can help.

We offer an affordable and fully flexible revenue management solution for hotels, making hotel revenue management training courses and revenue management support services accessible to all hotels who may not have this skill level available to them.

Octopus Revenue can provide you with expert advice, support and training courses in all areas of hotel revenue management, tailored to fit around your current business needs.